Creating beautiful landscapes since 1991.
                                                                                             The possibilities are endless...                                                              

Design Ideas

Site Analysis

When we first meet, we will do a site analysis, measure the property and take photos. A basemap, showing existing property conditions, is drafted. This basemap will show the property's, orientation of the house to the site and identify the placement of functional areas within the site and their relationship to one another. Problem areas are identified, screening and views are shown.

Concept Drawing

Often on the first visit, a qualified designer will produce a conceptional layout of the property refining circulation with specific pathways, patios and decking to meet your lifestyle.  The shapes of planting areas and hardscape elements are defined to reflect the various activities and the spatial realtionships within the site.  Emphasas is on developing form and pattern. We will make as many changes as necessary, until you are satisfied with the concept. 

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